About Rolzur TLP


For decades, Rolzur is an innovative leader in the field of underground space. Rolzur focuses on entrepreneurship and creative solutions to meet the needs of the world of tomorrow.

The world of tomorrow is a result of our reinvention of the world of today. The serene and significant green environment of the surface world is rapidly running out of space, especially in major urban areas. Rolzur sees in this complicated situation an opportunity for innovative and creative thinking.

Since its early days, the Company believes in (re)inventing the way we employ and use the subterranean space. Therefore, Rolzur design, initiates and executes dedicated projects to reshape and adapt the abundant underground space to meet the current and future needs of the surface world, both in design and construction.

Under the management of Arik Glazer, Rolzur is owned by two established companies - Zur infrastructure Ltd. (1977) and Amiram Sivan Construction Ltd. (1986). Rolzur was established in 2003 and in 2005 fully acquired Edom Ltd., the most senior tunneling company in Israel.

Merging with Edom's workers and equipment enabled Rolzur to become the most accredited and experienced tunneling company in Israel.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Arik Glazer, CEO

B.Sc. Geophysics Tel Aviv university, M.B.A City university of New York

With vast experience in the field of subterranean space, along with management of environmental projects such as land field and waste water treatment plant design, construction and operation.

Arik is a member of ACUUS Association research centers for the urban underground space and ITA-AITES International tunneling and underground space association and the Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers (IACIE).

He is also a frequent presenter in the field of tunneling and subterranean space, and an entrepreneur that thinks outside the box.

Asher Cohen, VP of Engineering

Civil Engineering, Israel Institute of technology (Technion), MBA Beer Sheba University

Engineering and project management in varied fields are the foundation of Asher’s practice.

As chief engineer of leading constructions companies, Asher masters a verity of constructions technologies, multidisciplinary teams’ management including architects, geologists, constructive and many other consultants.

In Rolzur, Asher takes major role in the preliminary staged of think tanks and problems solving teams leading as well as mastering an uncompromising focus on details, schedules, and quality. Together with the integration of professional teams, technologies and work methods to enable fast and reliable carrying out of projects to completion.

Yaron Brown, Administrative Manager

LL.B Tel Aviv university.

The legal field is Yaron’s professional area.

Yaron has accumulated vast managerial experience as a plant manager of few hundred employees, and in various managerial enterprises.

His extensive knowledge and experience enables Rolzur solutions in terms of current management, administration and HR management, which enables the Company to rapidly advance in an efficient and organized manner, with no setbacks in terms of practice and schedule meeting.

Adi Alphandary, Head of Business Development

B.Sc. Economics Tel Aviv university, Executive MBA (with Honors) Tel Aviv university.

Adi has vast experience in managerial positions as CEO of industrial and medical device companies.

As head of Business development, Adi brings his entrepreneurial approach, together with his proven experience in unique projects initiation, Product development and technologies integration. I In the last two decades. He has worked in varied fields, such as Plastic industry, Transportation projects (BRT & LRT), Medical Devices, and more.

Adi has vast experience in international cooperation, unique problem solving, outside the box thinking and identifying the most suitable technology according to the actual need.


Learn more about our innovative underground solutions

and our unique approach to excellency and optimization in subterranean projects.

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